Charles Pillsbury's Reading List

Ok guys, here goes. I'm going to go back a month or two and list out the books I've been reading of late, the ones I'm working on now, and the next couple on the reading list. I'll get up short reviews of them sometime... at least snippets of info on them. You'll notice the diversity of styles here from horror to Oprah books, some were recommended to me, some looked good at the library, and the Oprah books are part of a deal I made with my wife to get her to read some of MY favorite books. There are also several books I'm reading parts of for research for stories I'm working on writing, I probably won't list them unless they strike me as particularly fascinating.

Currently Reading:

Recently Read:

There are a few more that I've read since the holidays (some of those were during and just before the holidays) but I'm having a horrible time remembering what all they were. I'll update this as I remember and as I finish more books.

To Read:

This is a much longer list now, with additions based on other books I've recently read, and a book called The New Lifetime Reading Plan, many of these are re-reads but it's been long enough to add to the to read list


these are books I've read in the past and loved, many of which I'll read again, some of which make it onto my reading list above