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This is a very early revision of the gaming page (formerly my main page, I'll clean it up someday).

  • = A place from my buddy Steve! (whose flash doesn't like Netscape), not much game related now, but he's a MAME freak too.
  • - a project that Steve and I are working on to use as a repository of Mame high-scores and screenshots.
  • Mame = gotta get MAME (or xmame), it's the greatest thing on a computer
  • Classic = Just like it says, all about classic gaming
  • Mail Me = e-mail me @

My Mini-Mame project

Here are some links to some articles, and manufacturers I'm hoping to use in my portable MAME project. My goal with this is going to be molded depending on what I can afford component wise. The idea comes from the VCSp site on where they hack up a 2600 and a portable tv to make a playable portable Atari 2600. Well, my concept is to come up with a small system which interfaces with either a mini-tv or small LCD screen, and utilizes linux, and the xmame software to allow emulation of classic arcade games in a portable system. The first step in this plan is to cut costs and not have a built in monitor, but make it a little larger and adapt it to be a portable console unit which can plug into a tv and play mame roms. I'll put together pages as I work out diagrams and get more done on it.

Mini-MAME Links

  • Article in embedded linux journal on how to use compact flash cards as hard drives for Linux in small embedded devices.
  • home of the VCSp site (look under hosted sites)
  • Advantech a bit pricey home of some small embedded system components
  • My Mini-Mame Page = this is going to be the page for this project, more details here.