Welcome to the Project page

I'm trying to get links on here for the various projects in all the parts of the site
I've got two main areas for working on things, RC and Mame. Those are what my projects will be about most likely.
  • Mini-Mame - Portable Mame (I hope to get this working SOME DAY)
  • Radio Control Specs Database - RC Planes, Cars, etc, going to try and make a site for this, but it will basically be a database of specs for various RC engines and kits and such
  • Mamos - Mame OS theory of mine, no pesky OS overhead for Maming
  • 802.11 RC- RC controllers are still obscenely expensive and I've got an idea on using an 802.11 RF network as Tx and Rx replacement, though this is SOoooooo far down on the list of things I want to do that I'm sure I'll never get around to it
  • BreastFed Records - Some Day I'll bring it back and put out some Ska records (yeah, sure), domain for this is down right now