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see the Seniorita at the bottom of the list of planes

My RC Story

When I was in middle school I got into Radio Control Airplanes, I bought a few old ones from a member of the Flying Griffins (the local club in Griffin, GA where I grew up). For a year or two I maintained the mailing list for the club, and worked on my plane before I dropped it as a hobby for other things. Well, recently I remembered how much fun I had working on those planes with my Dad and decided that it would be a fun thing to get back into with my son Jake (thanks to my son's best friend getting an RC car for his 5th birthday. here's a picture of the boys, Jake is in the white shirt, Ethan's in the tanish colored shirt) . So recently I dug out my old planes and I'm starting to get them back into a flying condition. Once I get my links together for RCing I'll post them here, but for now....

We've got 10 (now 9) planes, only one of which is close to functional, they are:

Our Original 3 Planes

our NEW 6 7 planes


RC Magazines

RC Forums

All of these forums are great, and I frequent them all, the two that I moderate for are and TheHobbyForum, this isn't saying anything against the others, but those two are my favorites, check them all out as I'm sure you'll find valuable information on each one.


That's all for now, I'll get some more links and some pics and such up at some point.

a pic of me and the munchkin (no he doesn't normally have his hair slicked back like that).

a pic of my dad, the munchkin, and the butterfly