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My Name is Charles Pillsbury III, I went to High-School at GCA in Calhoun, GA. From 1994-1997 I ran BreastFed Records, which has been on indefinite hiatus since my son Jake was born in April of 1997. BreastFed Records was an indie record label which specialized in Punk and Ska (I released one tape for the Spitvalves in Orlando, and had a couple of compilations in the works when it got put on hold). I've worked as a general contractor doing home and office remodeling, a scratch baker (breads, doughnuts, cakes, etc), a maintenance super, and lately I've joined the IT field working as a Unix SA and Field Support Tech for Amazon.com in Atlanta until that facility was closed, and now I work as a contractor for Bellsouth/EDS in Tucker, GA. You can e-mail me @ me@charlespillsbury.com about Punk/Ska and Indie music, Mame (emulated gaming in general), Linux/Unix, RC Modeling, etc and I'm sure to be able to talk to your ear off.

Lei - the wife

My wife's name is Alicia Pillsbury (formerly Roche). We met in High-school and are soon to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. She is a stay at home mom who got her degree in Early Childhood Education at Mercer University and is a state certified teacher. She's been a child caretaker, a veterinary technician, and a teacher. She's a homeschooling mom and aside from Jake, her main hobbies are Pepsi and scrapbooking. She can be reached at wife@charlespillsbury.com.

Jake - the son

Jake is our only child (so far), he's about 4 and a half now (he's in the white shirt in that picture), and the joy of our lives. He's into typical kid things, TV, toys, books. He's especially fond of Dora the explorer and Bob the Builder right now (on Nick ). He enjoys reading and he's helping me get back into Radio Control Airplanes.